Transformative Growth For Your Life


Feeling stuck — Unclear on your next move? Wondering WHO AM I? What is my purpose?

Sessions are designed to help you get clear on WHO you are, WHERE you want to go, and HOW to get there.  We work together to DESIGN your purposeful and extraordinary life 💥 

Too many energy drains? Destructive habits?

  • Learn to decrease and stop undesirable behaviors
  • Fine tune the art of focus and TIME-BLOCKING
  • Become a Master of your Energy 

I get it. There's NEVER ENOUGH TIME.

  • To focus on your big ideas
  • To manage work-life, family-life, house-work/projects, and fun times, relaxing times
  • To reach your financial goals
  • To take time for yourself

The secret about investing in yourself through this transformational work, is that you can literally CREATE MORE TIME in your life!

Not satisfied in your career?

  • Wanting something more? Not sure what that is?
  • Overwhelmed with stress and burn-out?
  • Wanting to be a stronger leader?
  • Needing systems to track your goals and progress?
  • Wanting to change your work culture?
  • Create a legacy?

Unsatisfying Personal Relationships?

  • Your partner, your relationship is "OK," but wanting more intimacy, more connection, more... something
  • Wondering if you should STAY or GO in your primary relationship --"Is it him/her?" or "Is it me?"
  • Deep down knowing it's time to leave, but scared, not sure of navigating your way through this
  • Wanting to be a better parent? Oooh, I have tons of ideas and techniques that help with quick and significant change!

Unsatisfying Professional Relationships?

  • Master the art of how to cope with toxic work peers, team members, supervisors, employees
  • Learn practical boundary-setting tips 
  • Tools for building a positive team culture 
  • Learn the art of courageous conversations
  • Leverage your teams' strengths and value



            I've got you...All things are possible!

Don't waste another moment...

Working with Maria provides a whole person approach that helps you to lead an empowered, purposeful and extraordinary life 💥

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