Significant Breakthrough

Jerry Walker, CEO Life Thread Communications

Maria Shea is a business coach able to 'hear between the lines' in a session. 

Call it her training as a psychotherapist and life coach, or attribute it to her professional acumen and ongoing success in the tough world of business coaching: Her insights, suggestions and winning strategies for how best to prosecute the ever-changing landscape of American business is, in this client's opinion, peerless. Thank you, Maria! 


Great results


I chose Maria not for one thing she offered, but for everything she offered.  I found joy and peace in my life!

Kristin Scheffert, Cerasis Inc.

Holistic Approach


Maria is an exceptional coach. 

She has the unique ability to quickly connect, listen and pinpoint even the smallest themes.

Kim Nimsgern, CEO 

Significant Breakthrough


When Maria was my business coach, I realized one of the most significant breakthroughs of my life. 

Jerry Walker, CEO 

Other Testimonials

Elevated My Life to the Next Level

Maria has been instrumental in my personal evolution

She's gently guided me in accepting all the parts of myself and my past that make up who I am today. The way in which she listens without judgment and draws out the personal truth has helped me find the confidence to unapologetically speak my truth and live my purpose. I can't recommend her highly enough.

-Sam, RN, Yogi, Mom, Outdoor Enthusiast

Perfect Combination of Psychology and High-Level Coaching

Maria's style is authentic, professional with a perfect dose of unconventional. 

She has an elevated, well-educated, and un-biased view of the world and was willing to guide me to the next level. She offers a perfect blend of transformational growth through the varied schools of thought, practices and training of psychology, high-level coaching, and Mind/Body/Spirit integration. Her keen insights really made a difference.  She gave me tools that offered a different perspective from where I was, and where I could be. I can’t recommend Maria enough. 

-36 y/o Creative Director

Mastered the Art of Accountability

Maria is an extraordinary coach...her aptitude in providing guidance and setting realistic goals is unlike most

The simple solution is to tell people what to do... Maria's approach teaches us how to self-realize our solutions and has mastered the art of accountability. In any situation, she understands the full circle of coaching, not just a particular area of life, but life in its entirety... mind, body and soul."

-49 y/o Executive

Wide Variety of Tools

Maria Shea is such a creative, professional counselor that I hardly know where to begin. I have seen her achieve results in a group setting as well as individual counseling that are so outstanding that years later people will discuss the fantastic outcome. She works with your personal style utilizing a wide variety of tools. I continue to stay in touch with Maria and do "check-in" visits with her because I hold her in the highest regard and I know that she provides outstanding service. I constantly recommend her mind/body services to friends and family because I truly believe she is the best in her field. Her top qualities are: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity."

-50-something business woman

Found Balance within Myself

 I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore and what was important to me. I felt lost and not sure how to find myself and the optimistic, happy woman I was at one time.  Maria showed me many tools (including meditation and learning stillness) and helped me identify different parts of myself and to identify which ones have become suppressed.  She helped me work to find balance within myself.  The affirmation work was powerful.  I am better prepared to handle the stress of the day; in fact I am able to help others, including my teams at work to breathe through their own stress. I highly recommend Maria.

-41 y/o  operations mngr

Inner Harmony for the First Time

Having been in and out of traditional counseling for thirteen years while silently pleading on my knees for an answer, for peace, I am grateful for my current counselor in Maria who does not plead the fifth or subtitles other's work. Expression of my physical experiences and feelings along with my inner divinity and truths has made all the difference in obtaining the seemingly elusive form of “better” with a knowing hope of more. My spirituality is my psychology, beautifully entwined together and growing in harmony for the first time."

-30 y/o evolving woman