Mindful Moments

Cultivating More Peace In Your Life

Speaking Engagement 


  • Participants receive high-level education on the neuroscience of mindfulness, meditation and breath-work skills that significantly reduce stress, burn-out, and conflicts in the work environment.

  • Holistic education on learning to live simply, while also increasing authentic productivity are uncovered.

  • Possibility Thinking vs Scarcity Thinking

  • Learn powerful techniques on the Mind-Body connection; body awareness and working with pain.

  • Deep relaxation and restoration engagements that deeply nourish participants on all levels of mind, body, and soul.

Free Yourself of TIME STRESS

I don't have enough time!

Where did the time go?

Time flies!

Where did the summer go?

How did my kids grow up so fast?

We often can’t remember where the time went because perhaps we weren’t REALLY THERE (Mindful of the Moments) in the first place.  BUSY minds keep us worrying, planning, "running around,"  ALWAYS BUSY with a million things to do.....

Speaking Formats

Prime Keynote: 2 1/2 hours

Includes prime elements of descriptive format, with interactive exercises

Follow-up materials to continue the work

Extensive Workshop: 1/2 Day (4 hours)

Includes extensive elements of descriptive format as well as numerous interactive learning exercises for deeper engagement 

Integral take-away information for furthering growth

Comprehensive Seminar: Full Day

 Includes comprehensive training of all descriptive elements and multi-faceted interactive exercises that provide a deep dive into kicking-off patterns of changing mindsets

Leadership assignments for continued growth

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