Living with Purpose and Priority

Grow Your Mindset and Design Your Happiness

Speaking Engagement 

Our Beliefs, Our Thoughts, ARE our Mindsets

Changing our THOUGHTS, changing our ACTIONS... ...changes our personal and professional LIVES 💥


We learn how our habits of mind, both conscious and unconscious, shape our reactions and behavior.  When we learn to GROW our mindset -- change our minds/thoughts, we literally change our brains (THIS is neuroscience/neuroplasticity: Re-wiring our brains). 

LIVING WITH PURPOSE and PRIORITY—Grow your mindset and design your happiness


  • Participants will learn what it means to grow their mindsets through practical and interactive exercises. 
  • Members will assess their ability and learn skills to manage their attention and bring their WHOLE SELF to work, home, and to their whole life.
  • The education offered here will help individuals manage their workload and have a positive impact on excelling with personal and work performance.
  • Skills on how to learn to slow-down time and feel less rushed and busy are clearly defined.
  • Cultivating a sense of peace and calm is possible as participants literally learn to design their authentic happiness.
  • These insights and strategies are then integrated into action-steps that leads to more fulfilling personal and professional lives💥

We'll DIVE DEEP into these components

  • Mastering the Art of Focused Attention

  • Whole Person Development and Wellness

  • Whole-hearted Revolutionary Collaboration

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership 

  • Getting Clear on SUCCESS LISTS vs To-Do lists

Speaking Formats

Prime Keynote: 2 1/2 hours

Includes prime elements of descriptive format, with  interactive exercises

Follow-up materials to continue the work

Extensive Workshop: 1/2 Day (4 hours)

Includes extensive elements of descriptive format as well as numerous interactive learning exercises for deeper engagement 

Integral take-away information for furthering growth

Comprehensive Seminar: Full Day

 Includes comprehensive training of all descriptive elements and multi-faceted interactive exercises that provide a deep dive into kicking-off patterns of changing mindsets

Leadership assignments for continued growth

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