I Am In The Knowledge Industry

My unique style combines 26 years as a mind-body-spirit psychotherapist with a purposeful coaching road map that produces transformational change in the personal and professional lives of my clients.  This masterful combination produces GREATER change in a SHORTER amount of time than traditional counseling or coaching alone.  

If you're not sure which one, or many, of these you may want...

  • Individual Counseling
  • Personal Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Couples Work
  • Speaking Engagement 

...I've got you. All things are possible!

Maria's Expertise in the Knowledge Industry includes:

Advanced Training at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine


On-going Life Coaching & Business Coaching trainings


Native Wisdom Teachings


Part of this was the honor of participating in a Vision Quest  Canyon de Chelly, AZ through the Hopi Elder teachings

Mentored Training in Organization Leadership


Maria offers several speaking engagement formats: Prime Keynote and Seminars/Workshops

Chakra Healing


Utilizing this ancient eastern healing knowledge with concrete action steps for clients is truly transformational. You know how you feel better when you clean a junk drawer?  That's an example Chakra ONE assignment!  Website with Basic Introduction to Chakras

Previous University Instructor


Classes Included: Psychology of Stress, Communication Skills, Human Development, Intro to Transpersonal Psychology

Decades of learning from my Clients


Working with hundreds of individuals over my career continues to hold the mirror to my human fallibility as I stand in the fire right with them - seeking every opportunity to dive deeper into my own self growth and be better for them!

Don't waste another moment...

Working with Maria provides a whole person approach that helps you to lead an empowered, purposeful and extraordinary life 💥