Counseling or Coaching

Sometimes people really like to hear about the differences, so here goes!

  • The chart below outlines the key differences
  • You may be drawn to one area more than another, or like I emphasize, We can DO ALL THINGS - Anything is Possible.  But please know:
  • If you want to use your insurance to pay for sessions (Preferred One and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield only), it is then assumed that your reasons for seeking guidance in your life are mainly under the Counseling side of the the chart below.


A little story that speaks to the differences...


Naturally, the decision to seek out a therapist or a coach is a very personal one. It might help to imagine yourself getting ready to climb a mountain. You could either hire an expert sherpa and guide for your expedition or a doctor. Which should you choose? Which one will be most helpful during your specific journey?

If you are physically unwell, or would be in danger if you even attempted the climb, a sherpa and guide wouldn’t do you any good. You need to be at a baseline level of good health before you can make the climb at all, so if you’re not, you might need to see the doctor before trying something that challenging. However, if you’re healthy and just need someone to help you with climbing strategy, carrying the load of supplies and finding the best path, the sherpa and guide is the best bet.
In this example, the therapist is the doctor. He or she gets you well enough to take on major challenges in your life by exploring your mental and emotional well-being. The coach is the sherpa and guide. He or she has an expert knowledge of your climb and can help you reach the summit.

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